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Post  Robert on Wed 7 Jan - 13:28:58

Contact Mike Parkinson Kilbourne

"Homeless Awareness Forum"

On February 3rd, 2009, the Western Michigan University Anthropology Department, students and faculty, will host an "Homeless Awareness Forum", with P.U.S.H., a grass roots community organization founded by people who are homeless, and formerly homeless people who work with the homeless thru Kalamazoo's Nonprofit community.
The Event is an opportunity for those living in poverty to speak out.

The Event will be held in room #________ at the ______________Center at Western Michigan University, Tuesday, February 3rd, at 7:00 PM.

The event will include a "homeless simulation" that all will be encouraged to participate. Guest speakers will include, the homeless, formerly homeless and Kalamazoo's homeless non-profit service providers.

WMU has been a long standing partner to the Kalamazoo community in many ways. At the Homeless Awareness event, WMU will join with homeless leaders working together to change hearts and minds.
Target: Housing for the homeless, getting the homeless off the streets, out of the shelters and productive again.

Lena Haynes has known homelessness and what a downward spiral poverty can be. "WhenI was staying at the Mission, I did not know what service were available. I was in a scary place with no safety net. Some other homeless people took me under their wing and showed me where to go."
Since then, Lena has been a advocate. Showing others where to find help, and even organizing the local homeless for "just and dignified" housing. "As president of P.U.S.H. (People United to Secure Housing), I am in a position to make systemic change for the homeless in Kalamazoo, helping people get their own apartments and less people on the streets and emergency shelters." Says Lena, who has been in her own apartment for over a year.

Michael Parkinson-Kilbourne, (P.U.S.H. board member), is formerly homeless, he also wants to see change. "I am tired of elected officials who say, 'it's not my problem'. We have to make systemic change in this city by dignified means. When a community issue like affordable housing reaches crises level, it becomes a civic responsibility. We are here to make sure the local politicians and administrators heed that responsibility. We are not going to leave them alone until this crisis is solved."

P.U.S.H.'s mission is to advocate affordable housing to eradicate homelessness and to advise, inform, and help the homeless use Kalamazoo's non-profit service providers.

More information on P.U.S.H. can be found at:

WMU and P.U.S.H. welcome everyone to attend and participate.
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