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Post  Robert on Thu 1 Sep - 17:19:15

I spent a summer in Denmark a few years ago. I noticed that there were not very many fat Danes. The bike is a major mode of transportation and their smaller grocery stores offered products in smaller portions.

The other thing that stood out was how they treated their citizens. People were not thrown away. If you had a medical problem that affected your ability to get or keep work, they fixed it, if it was possible.
If you lost your job, they offered training in the same field or any other field that you were interested in.
They have homeless people in Denmark, but not very many and they are of the same type of hard core homeless people we all have.

Many of the people who are homeless in Kalamazoo, have medical problems that prevent them from getting out of homelessness. Sleeping on the floor with a thin mat at the mission is better than sleeping outdoors, but the draw back is sick people passing on their flu or worse to others they are in close contact with.

Other homeless people find places to sleep in the nooks and crannies of Kalamazoo. One of the favorite nooks is renting a storage locker for $40 a month and sleeping there. This contrasts with the mission and other places getting $70 to $90 per night from the government. We live in a cruel world.

The Danes were rated the happiest people on the earth, many years in a row. Their people are treated with dignity.
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