Mental Health Awareness Festival - You can help!

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Mental Health Awareness Festival - You can help! Empty Mental Health Awareness Festival - You can help!

Post  Robert on Thu 12 Feb - 9:46:47

As some of you may already know the Annual Mental Health Awareness Festival is scheduled for May 8th 2009 at the Radisson following the Mental Health Breakfast.
The Committee REALLY needs your support
and/or the support of your organization. There is much to be done and the 8th of May is getting closer. Please attend our committee meeting on:
February 19th at 3:45 located at Keystone
(on Stockbridge next to Department of Human Services and the Bingo Hall) at 3:45. Support recovery awareness and help us to make this event one of the best Kalamazoo has ever seen!!!!! (Agenda is attached for those interested)
Mental Health Awareness Festival - You can help! ?ui=2&ik=f35cfdf1a9&view=att&th=11f6627f0b8d45ba&attid=0.0

Agenda is below

MHAF 2009

Planning Committee

Meeting Agenda


Theme: “Recovery is for Everyone”

Decorations – Mardi Gras: determine cost, purchase, set up

Budget- we project 5000 in spending, including cushion. 2000 from Block Grant?, 1000 from KCF?, 1000 from KCMHSAS?, 400 from NAMI? Other ideas…?

Facility (Radisson) - What time will AMHAF begin? What will be the cost? Which room(s) and hallway used? What will be additional cost for set up? What are the details regarding our needs; tables, PA set up, etc.? When will event end? What guidelines are we expected to follow, and do we need to be concerned about liability (KCMHSAS back up)?

Schedule of Events- Include beginning time, Opening announcements 3 to 4 speakers (?), music, open mic., raffle, closing announcements, set up and tear down

Personnel- Patrick Kaufmann- Director, Wendy Novak- Site Coordinator, Dave Miner- Co- Publicity Coordinator…. Other roles to be filled: DJ/ PA Tech, another Co- Publicity Coordinator, Art/ crafts coordinator, volunteers for: set up, registration/ survey booth, snack distribution, tear down

Action Items- purchase, and set up and tear down for decorations- managing funds, securing donations- facility planning, cost, contract, payment, description of guidelines- compiling list of contacts for publicity, invites for booths, invites for arts and crafts- printing of agendas/information packets for day of event/ surveys/ distribution of fliers, emails, radio time, web pages etc. to publicize event- recruiting of volunteers- recruitment of DJ- recruitment of speakers -request list and donation for music- choice of snacks and refreshments to provide, food venders (KCMHSAS support)
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