Message from Mike Parkinson Kilbourne about the "The Crazy Bunch"

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Message from Mike Parkinson Kilbourne  about the "The Crazy Bunch" Empty Message from Mike Parkinson Kilbourne about the "The Crazy Bunch"

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Hi everybody, I want to bring a community problem to your attention.

About a year and a half ago a production company began taking pictures and doing films of people who were homeless and mentally ill. Recently, representatives of the production company have been distributing posters and fliers (in Color) advertising a film titled "The Crazy Bunch".

The film was recently released and is being sold at local retailers.

On the poster are photos of several people who are familiar to me through my work at a local homeless shelter.

I did some investigation on the Internet to discover that this very questionable Production company is also pushing the film on MySpace and youtube. I have spoken to subjects of the film, the producer would ask them to let their feet get run over by a car, and stick their tongue in a light socket and also endure physical violence such as being slapped in the face for the camera.

In other cities around the country, many mean and exploitative films are made using homeless people as DE-humanized props simply for the sake of getting a quick laugh. One of the most famous homeless exploitation films "Bum fights" exhibits homeless folks fighting with each other for money. If we allow this trend of exploitation to take root in our city, who knows how far it will go?

I want to share the MySpace and youtube links with you. (youtube page) (Crazy Bunch Promo)

If you go to the youtube accounts of this producer you can “flag” the content as inappropriate.

This will get his video removed and cost him the publicity he needs in order to benefit from this exploitation.

If you have any questions about how to “flag” the videos please don’t hesitate to email me, or call me at 269-615-0423 and I will help you. It’s easy!

Thank you, and may justice prevail.

Mike Parkinson Kilbourne

PUSH (People United to Secure Housing)


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