Grim_Reaper's story on a simulation

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Grim_Reaper's story on a simulation Empty Grim_Reaper's story on a simulation

Post  Grim_Reaper on Wed 19 Nov - 16:21:51

This is what we did a couple of year ago:
The student where given $35(play) to start, as anyone could make that.
They where then given two stones and a 35 pound bag. The stones where placed in shoes, and the 35 pounds where their belongings
They went to the mission, and spent $17 dollars on "Jesus" fees and a locker for a month.
They where then directed toward "FIA" to apply for benefits
They had to spend $8 on bus fare
They where given the run around from the drop-in, mission, and FIA on their benefits.
They had $10 left to survive the rest of the month.
We told them they where barred from certain places(mission, drop-in, ect.) and had to survive.
We also had other members of KHAN in each group going through, dressed nice, and these where the "deserving poor" and got help right away.
After they went through all this, the members that where in the group revealed who they where and began a Q&A session with the students at K College.
This not only lead to the students seeing what we g through, but several students joining in our fight.
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Grim_Reaper's story on a simulation Empty Re: Grim_Reaper's story on a simulation

Post  vlyoncallo on Mon 24 Nov - 15:20:16

interesting game. Can you explain it a bit more? Was this all in one place or were people actually sent to FIA, ministry, etc.?
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